Dream Synthesizer 1.0

Audiovisual Live Performance
Duration: 30min
Date: 2020

Xaver Hirsch
Supervisor / Betreuer*in: Jörg Heiser

Reading thoughts and visualizing dreams is a concept of science fiction.

A condition in which we are free of all social forces.In my work I was researching if it were possible to visualize dreams with today's technology. The basics of image reconstruction from Yukiyasu Kamitani and Wim Wender's movie "Until the End of the World" influenced the artistic approach.

With an arduino based EEG device I capture dreams on Mini Discs. The dream needs to be played from the Mini Disc by a self programmed software to activate a personal remembering process. After analyzing the brain activities the software generates a visual representation of the dream.

Starting with a clear vision of visualizing dreams, this work encourages a lot of discussions. What possibilities are created by capturing dreams? What kind of ideology is created by such a machine? When we wake up, will a message pop up saying "This dream was sponsored by ..."?

In times of the transparent citizen, thoughts and dreams are the last remaining havens – are we going to lose them?

Xaver Hirsch is a designer and visual artist. In his artistic practice, he focuses on the connection between art and science. He uses digital projections aimed at audiovisual and interactive perception.