It's Easy For You – Learning Whiteness

Date: 2020 Format: educational micro-series, painting Dimensions: 2k video, 120x90 cm and 61x48 cm painting, Duration of video: 20:00:00

János Brückner
Supervisor / Betreuer*in: Karina Griffith

How white is an Eastern-European? In the educational micro-series “It’s Easy For You” you might just find out. Let yourself be led on a practical, emotional journey and learn about whiteness from the perspective of a Hungarian-born person. Using various learning methods and tackling the big questions in only 20 minutes and four episodes, starting from “Who is White?” to “Happy End”, you are sure to learn more about whiteness.

János Brückner. You will laugh and you will cry. János Brückner opens up the reality around us, using a method he calls 'emotional realism'. His works give a simple and accurate insight into actual but often hidden paradoxes of society. By subverting good old stereotypes using the absurdity of his frank approach, the artist generates situations, which present the opportunity to open our worldview.