The Returning Hero

2021, short Film; 35 min

Hengame Hosseini
Supervisor / Betreuer*in: Jörg Heiser

The film plays with different forms of representation and reality that the Persian lion as a symbol of identity, power and heroism unfolds its meaning in Iranian culture.

The work is a puzzle in the form of a film made of my documentations together with found and archived video footage, songs, documents, interviews and daily news. The film attempts to create a space where the viewer is confronted with various fragments of history that create a network of causes and clues to understand the complexity of the symbol.

Hengame Hosseini, born in Tehran in 1987, studied mechanical and aeronautical engineering in Aachen and fine arts at Berlin University of the Arts. For her, images are ideas that are starting points for multipart processes of questioning the visual culture of the present. Working with her own archive as well as found materials, her practice asks whether a conscious combination of science and art could create a general awareness of the visual understanding of social and political issues.