Zwischen Erde und Himmel / Between Earth and Sky

On Interdependence and Interconnectivity Among Beings

2021- 2022, Installation. Display case, biological growth medium, living microorganisms and LED lights

Sound installation, 2022 20 min, loop

Bruna Mayer
Supervisor / Betreuer*in: Kristina Leko

Life begins with death. Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria break down organic substances and, in doing so, they create life. By eating organic matter, they release nutrients available for plants and other beings to continue growing. In this way, everything is reborn, and the whole web of life is interconnected. The idea of the Earth as an integrated whole and a self-regulating system is known as Gaia. The installation Zwischen Erde und Himmel / Between Earth and Sky consists of an illuminated display case, holding inside living microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria found in the soil of Berlin cemeteries. Although invisible to the human eye, these organisms will grow and multiply within these containers, forming their own evolving and unpredictable patterns, thus becoming visible to the viewer. The work proposes a reflection on life and death, the transience of our existence, and the interdependence among all beings. The sound piece that accompanies the installation emerged from the theoretical research. It is a voice narration in essay format with a compilation of the discussed concepts, raised questions, and quotes.

Bruna Mayer is a Brazilian visual artist who develops her work through an interdisciplinary praxis. Her most recent production investigates living microorganisms to reflect on the interdependence among beings and the transience of our existence. In her work, Bruna Mayer delves into the symbiotic relationships between fungi, bacteria, and humans - which transcend the boundaries of life and death, human and nature, human and non-human - seeking a broader vision of life, self, and environment.