Data Oracles - predicting the future vs. producing realities

Data Oracles (2020), Video, 15 min, Collaborators: Isabelle Maria Lange, Baptiste Guillemet, Elisa Pieper, Luis Krummenacher

Astarte Posch
Supervisor / Betreuer*in: Julia Grosse

Data Oracles is a video essay which compares Predicitve Analytics (the practice of predicting the future by means of Big Data) with ancient forms of divination. The video is a ritual, a spell, a deformation of the rational computational version of the future. I find it strangely fascinating how often non-western methods of knowledge production are often seen as less valid but how far-advanced technologies like Predicitve Analytics are actually based a lot on correlation, similar to divinatory methods. Moreover, there is a whole history of humans using algorithms, in order to get to know the future. I am interested in ancient technologies of divination and their approach to the binary code, which embraces the ambivalence and the transformation from one to the other and back with fluid boundaries - in contrast to the binary computer code. Technology can’t save us, it just lets us know, we are doomed.

Astarte Posch is a multidispiplinary artist working at the intersections of intuitive searching of forms and theoretical questioning of Western epistemologies. She studied under Ming Wong at the University of the Arts Berlin and finished her diploma Art in Context in 2020 with Julia Grosse. She works with ceramics, video, performance and is also an art therapist in training. She is the co-founder of hooops, an experimental platform for collective knowledge around healing plants and mushrooms.